Spring Bunnies Update

All of our bunnies have gone to new, loving homes this spring.  We’ve been receiving photos and updates from their new families, which we love! We are excited to see how things go and will be watching for these beautiful rabbits at the shows!

We have a few summer litters planned.  Let us know if you’d like to be put on our waiting list (angoras(AT)littlehorseacres.com).

chet buck_


Available Bunnies

These are the bunnies we still have available. They’re purebred, pedigreed french angoras from quality show lines.

They’re ready for their new homes!  $75 each

DSC_1642Chestnut agouti Buck (Sold)

DSC_1646Broken Chestnut Buck (Sold)

DSC_1660Broken Chestnut Doe (sold)

DSC_1666Broken Chestnut Doe (sold)

DSC_1676Chocolate Tort Doe (sold)

DSC_1693Broken Fawn Doe (Retaining)

DSC_1703Solid Black Doe (Sold)

DSC_1717Solid Black Buck (sold)


~Carmel’s Bunnies~

Carmel x Midnight.  This is a gorgeous litter!

~4 Weeks~

DSC_1540Broken chestnut buck (Reserved)

DSC_1546Broken chestnut doe

DSC_1554Broken chestnut doe

DSC_1558Chestnut agouti buck

DSC_1561Black Tort Doe (Reserved for April)

DSC_1571Broken Tort Buck (Reserved for Tama)

DSC_1574Broken Tort Doe (Reserved for Michelle)





~Golden Retriever Puppies and Bunnies are Here!~

We have french angora bunnies and golden retriever pups available for new loving homes this spring (late March for some bunny litters and early April for the pups).  I will be posting updates each week with pictures of the bunnies and the puppies.  You can find posts on the bunnies underneath this post (there will be a post for each litter-we’re expecting 5 litters for the spring)  and the updates on the golden pups will be under the menu link “Our Goldens”.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions (angoras(AT)littlehorseacres.com) or if you’d like to reserve a bunny or puppy!

~Honey’s Bunnies~

Our sweet Honey has a litter of 7 bunnies that were born February 9th, 2016.  She is a favorite doe of many-beautiful blonde wool, a great personality and a large quality body (we choose each of our rabbits carefully, so of course I have good things to say about each of them!).  Honey’s litter is extra special to me because we bred her to a friend’s broken chocolate buck (“Joey”) who has won at several shows.

~3.5 Weeks Old~

I checked the genders (see below) but I’ll be checking in another week to confirm!

DSC_1400#1  Broken Fawn Doe (Reserved for Jeny)

DSC_1405#2  Broken Tort Buck (Reserved)

DSC_1408#3  Broken Fawn Doe (Reserved)

DSC_1414#4  Tort Doe (Reserved for Peggy)

#5  Broken Fawn Doe

DSC_1432#6  Tort Doe

~1.5 Weeks Old~

Honey's 1.5 wks

~Two Days Old~

Honeys litter

~Stella and Luna’s Bunnies~

Yay, bunnies are here!  It’s such a fun time to see these little naked babies grow into beautifully colored, fuzzy sweethearts.  I’m very excited about these litters.  Stella and Luna are sisters that we bought last summer from Colorado rabbitry, Red House Rabbitry. The sisters are beautiful, have dense luxurious wool and are sweet natured.

Stella was bred to Sebastian and Luna was bred to Midnight.  Sebastian, is my little lover boy and Midnight is a gorgeous black self with great wool density (both boys love to be pet).

I will be posting pictures of the bunnies each week so we can watch them grow (most recent will be at the top).  We have 3 chestnut agoutis, 3 black solids, 1 chocolate, 1 chocolate agouti, and 1 REW.  It’s fun to see how they change so quickly!  Contact me if you’re interested in a certain color or gender.  I already have some on waiting lists.  🙂

~Five Weeks Old~

black 1Black Buck

black 2Black Doe

black 3Black Buck

chest doe2Chestnut Doe (Reserved)

chet buck_Chestnut agouti Doe (Reserved)

chet doeChestnut agouti Buck (Reserved)

choc agChocolate agouti Buck (Reserved)

chocoChocolate Doe (Reserved)

rewREW Doe (Reserved)

~Three Weeks Old~

black 3 weeksBlack Buck 1 (Reserved)

black buck 2 3 weeksBlack Buck 2

black buck 3 3 weeksBlack Doe

chesnut 1 3 weeksChestnut Buck (Reserved)

Chestnut 3 wksChestnut Doe  (Reserved)

chetnut doe 3 weeksChestnut Doe

choc agouti 3 wksChocolate Agouti Buck

chocolate 3 weeksChocolate Doe (Reserved)

white doe 3 weeksREW Doe (Reserved)

~Two Weeks Old~

Look at those beautiful colors! Chestnut agoutis, Self Black, Chocolate, Chocolate agouti and REW.  Their eyes are opening!

chestnuts 2 weeks

lunas 2 weeks

rew 2 weeks

stellas 2 week

~One Week Old~





Bunnies are here!

Luna had beautiful kits born on Friday January 29th.  Luna is a gorgeous Opal agouti.

Luna’s litter:


These fellas are constantly jumping around.  They’re going to be quite the litter!  I’m thinking some chestnut agoutis, self blacks, an opal maybe?, maybe a chocolate and the other one looks like maybe a chocolate agouti or who knows?!

Can’t wait to find out for sure!

Beautiful fall evening and bunny time!

It was a beautiful end to a wonderful day, the weather was gorgeous!   I love fall weather-we’re trying to soak every bit of it up before winter chills start to creep their way in.  There’s lots of exploring for the kiddos and I-acorns falling on the ground, sticks to pick up and play with, freshly tilled ground to dig in and brilliantly colored leaves to catch our attention.  Our golden retrievers never seem to tire of romping around and faithfully following us every where we go around our land.  Oh and of course, bunny time!  The last two bunnies we have are growing so fast.  We are calling them “Cutie” and “Bluey” at this point (update-these two does have gone to their new home in Texas!).

blue doe 2

lilac doe 2

Our children enjoy taking care of them and holding them.  They get a little attached to them and sometimes feel a bit disappointed when they go to their new homes, but there’s also the excitement of meeting new people and learning about the places where the bunnies will be welcomed into their new families.

lilac doe 1

blue doe 3




~Litter Update~

~UPDATE~All bunnies have gone to their new homes! We’re looking forward to more litters in early spring.  🙂

Here are some updated photos of the bunnies.  They are sweeties!  You can still see the original post with all 8 of the bunnies from this litter at 4 weeks old below.

blue buckBlue Buck~Gone to his new home!

blue doeBlue Doe-Gone to her new home in Texas!

tort doeLilac Tort Doe-Gone to her new home in Texas!


This litter of bunnies is precious and beautiful! Send me an email if you’re interested.  I do already have a waiting list for this litter and will update as I get responses of who would like which bunny.

Buck 1Gone to new home!

Buck 2Gone to new home!

Buck 3Gone to new home!

Doe 1Gone to new home!

Doe 2Gone to new home!

Doe 3

Doe 4Gone to new home!

Doe 5