Bunny cuteness

We’ve been busy with grooming and a little spring cleaning in the bunny barn.  Here’s some bunny cuteness that we look forward to seeing each day!

Honah Lee’s Twinky x Oceanside’s Outlast

Gorgeous Satin Babes

Silky Soft Satins (Treasured Angora’s Sarah x LHA’s Missile)

Adorable English Angora Buns

Mid West Bunnie’s Sweetheart x Treasured Angora’s Prince Edward


Puppy Update!

The puppies are being snuggled with daily, they’re starting to open their eyes and are just adorable.  I keep asking my husband if he’s sure we don’t need to keep one…so far he keeps saying no!! 🙂




Our goldens are a part of our family and everyday lives. We raise each pup in a loving home environment and purposely prepare them for their new family. We work with the pups early on to stimulate familiarity with people and to aid in their intellectual development. We also follow a 7 step process for socialization. The dam (Hannah) and sire (Geshem) are OFA certified for hips, elbows, heart and eyes. Geshem is from champion show and field lines (some originating back to Scotland).