Beautiful fall evening and bunny time!

It was a beautiful end to a wonderful day, the weather was gorgeous!   I love fall weather-we’re trying to soak every bit of it up before winter chills start to creep their way in.  There’s lots of exploring for the kiddos and I-acorns falling on the ground, sticks to pick up and play with, freshly tilled ground to dig in and brilliantly colored leaves to catch our attention.  Our golden retrievers never seem to tire of romping around and faithfully following us every where we go around our land.  Oh and of course, bunny time!  The last two bunnies we have are growing so fast.  We are calling them “Cutie” and “Bluey” at this point (update-these two does have gone to their new home in Texas!).

blue doe 2

lilac doe 2

Our children enjoy taking care of them and holding them.  They get a little attached to them and sometimes feel a bit disappointed when they go to their new homes, but there’s also the excitement of meeting new people and learning about the places where the bunnies will be welcomed into their new families.

lilac doe 1

blue doe 3