~Honey’s Bunnies~

Our sweet Honey has a litter of 7 bunnies that were born February 9th, 2016.  She is a favorite doe of many-beautiful blonde wool, a great personality and a large quality body (we choose each of our rabbits carefully, so of course I have good things to say about each of them!).  Honey’s litter is extra special to me because we bred her to a friend’s broken chocolate buck (“Joey”) who has won at several shows.

~3.5 Weeks Old~

I checked the genders (see below) but I’ll be checking in another week to confirm!

DSC_1400#1  Broken Fawn Doe (Reserved for Jeny)

DSC_1405#2  Broken Tort Buck (Reserved)

DSC_1408#3  Broken Fawn Doe (Reserved)

DSC_1414#4  Tort Doe (Reserved for Peggy)

#5  Broken Fawn Doe

DSC_1432#6  Tort Doe

~1.5 Weeks Old~

Honey's 1.5 wks

~Two Days Old~

Honeys litter

2 thoughts on “~Honey’s Bunnies~

  1. Kerri, I sent you an email also, but have an interest in the white blue eyed buck and possibly one more. Do you do any type of discount for purchasing multiple? Had more questions on email when you have time. Thanks,

  2. Hi I am very interested in honeys bunny #5. I would love some more information on her please. And also how this process works. Thank you!

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