~Carmel’s Bunnies~

Carmel x Midnight.  This is a gorgeous litter!

~4 Weeks~

DSC_1540Broken chestnut buck (Reserved)

DSC_1546Broken chestnut doe

DSC_1554Broken chestnut doe

DSC_1558Chestnut agouti buck

DSC_1561Black Tort Doe (Reserved for April)

DSC_1571Broken Tort Buck (Reserved for Tama)

DSC_1574Broken Tort Doe (Reserved for Michelle)





4 thoughts on “~Carmel’s Bunnies~

  1. Hello. We are interested in at least one of your bunnies. Love the Chocolate color, if you have one available. Otherwise, we are looking at the Chocolate Aguiti Buck and quite possibly another. How much are they, what is the deposit and what do you have available at this time?

    Thanks for you time and consideration.


  2. I am interested in any of the three rabbits that are not marked as observed for a pet, I also have a Standard Chinchilla Rex, dwarf and would love to add another rabbit to our home. I am especially interested in the Chestnut agouti buck. Are any of these rabbits still available for purchase? Are there any litters to be expected in the near future?

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