Spring Bunnies

Spring bunnies!  We enjoy the bunnies of course and look forward to each litter we have.  We have three does right now that these bunnies are from.  A broken fawn doe, fawn doe and an opal doe.  All have good body structures and great density.  We paired them both with our black buck who has the best density and wool texture of all our rabbits.  We look forward to watching them grow and see who might be headed to the shows.

DSC_1642Chestnut agouti Buck

DSC_1646Broken Chestnut Buck

DSC_1660Broken Chestnut Doe

DSC_1666Broken Chestnut Doe

DSC_1676Chocolate Tort Doe (sold)

DSC_1693Broken Fawn Doe

DSC_1703Solid Black Doe

DSC_1717Solid Black Buck


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