Welcome!  Little Horse Acres is the name of our little hobby farm in Missouri where we raise angora rabbits and golden retrievers.  We’re enjoying the benefits of living off the land as we care for our animals and grow our own veggies and fruit.  We hope this site will be a resource and encouragement to other families as we share what we learn. Email me (angoras@littlehorseacres.com) if you have any questions.



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  1. Neat! I really like the close-up shot of the unique plant leaves, and the droplets on the spider web for background. What a nice way to share about yourselves and your bunnies. They are such nice rabbits!.

  2. hi im interested in getting a rabbit for my niece she would love on of these and would cherish it. Im not sure of a color yet could you give me an idea of price on them. Thk u

  3. Hi! I came across your website and was hoping to get some questions answered. We, too live in MO – closer to KC. We have 2 French angoras right now, a doe and a buck. The doe has some ‘paperwork’ – a generic pedigree printed off the internet and the buck has none. We’d like to breed the pair this Nov,. that will put them at 7 months of age. Was hoping the you could pass along advice about breeding, nesting boxes, feed during gestation, etc. We have raised meat rabbits, but don’t want to assume that everything would be the same. Some breeds have different needs. Considering our ‘paperwork’ situation, could you suggest a price range to sell the babies at? We would like to eventually invest in angoras that are more pedigreed, so what do you price your babies at, what do we look for in a pedigree, etc. Also, on your rabbitry page, you mentioned a coloring ‘torte’, haven’t heard that before – what is that? Would you be willing to answer questions for us in the future – just looking for some one that’s as local as we can find and is able to guide us. Can’t hop off without saying that ALL of your rabbits are gorgeous! Absolute dolls!
    Thanks, Kora.

    • Hi Kora!
      I’m sending you an email too so you have that in case you want to correspond more. Usually 7 months of age is fine for breeding. I always take my does to the buck’s cage for breeding and just leave them together for a few minutes while I do a few things in the rabbitry. I can usually tell a breeding has occurred when the buck falls over to the side. 🙂 I feed the does as normal during pregnancy but after about 2-3 weeks post birth, I start to feed her alfalfa hay and as much food/pellets as she wants. Some rabbit raisers may buy special feed during pregnancy and afterwards, but this is what I had researched to do and it seems to work well for us. Our does bounce back fast and have been very nice sized and healthy. As soon as the kits are weaned, I start to cut back a little on the pellets to about a cup a day (our normal amount) and back to timothy hay instead of alfalfa. I keep feeding the does veggie scraps and a banana or papaya once a week for wool block prevention. We price our babies based on their quality of wool, size and confirmation and whether or not they are from show lines. I don’t currently show our rabbits, though I plan to in the future and that will have some affect on what the price will be as well, if the sire and dam have any winnings. I can’t say what I would price yours at without seeing them and getting a little bit more info from you and even then, I could just give you an idea of what I might do. Feel free to send some pictures and more info (like a picture of the doe’s pedigree and where the buck came from) and I’ll try to give you a range of what I might ask for. I am currently asking $60 for each of our bunnies from this litter. Hope this helps! Thanks for contacting us!

  4. My wife and I are looking for a new FA buck for our herd. The one we have been using is closely related to most of our does. We prefer to barter with one of our babies for one of yours.

  5. My daughter is looking to get a show rabbits for FFA, she is very interested in some you have postings of. What do I need to do to purchase?

  6. Hi, my wife and I would like some information about your bunnies. We want to purchase one and we are interested in the white tort buck named Rufus. Our daughter is in FFA at school and wants to show a rabbit.. Thank you for your time.

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