Golden Info

This page provides some basic info on our process and policy for buying a puppy.  Please feel free to email me with an additional questions (angoras(AT)  Visit our facebook page for the most up to date posts.

Our golden retrievers (Geshem, Hannah and Lacey) are a part of our family.  They are inside and outside dogs and love to play and run and retrieve.  They love children and are trained for good manners.  Hannah was our first golden and we love her for her loyalty and general sweet nature.  She loves children and has a hunting background.  Geshem comes from a long line of champion show and field bloodlines, some originating from Scotland.  We are considering further training for him in field and CGC.   Lacey has a significant portion of english cream and champion show lines in her background as well as numerous therapy service dogs in her family history.  Lacey is a young lively pup and we are currently working on the AKC Star training program for her.  In the case that we use a stud sire, he will be chosen based on the same standards we hold for our dogs.

Our pups are sold with limited registration.  If you are interested in full registration for breeding purposes, please contact me.  We require a $400 non-refundable deposit (except for unforeseen circumstances on seller’s side in which case you would have the choice to transfer the deposit to another puppy or a refund) for the pups to reserve your choice of the litter.  If you are wanting to be put on the waiting list for an expectant litter in order to reserve your spot for a pup, we require a deposit of $100.  Then once the pups are born, you may send in the remaining $300 for the full deposit in order to continue to hold your spot in line for choice of a specific puppy.  We can also simply add you to our contact list for when a litter is born, but I can’t guarantee where you will be in line for choice of the pups or if there would be any available unless a deposit is placed.

The puppies are raised in our home with their mama.  We give each puppy a color id and track their weight and progress.  The puppies are given stimulation and love each day (similar to the bio sensory method) so that they will become familiar with people early on and to aid in their development and intelligence.  We also have a 7 step program for socializing the puppies.  They will be introduced to different textures, places and people (especially children!) before they go to their new homes.  If you would like more info on how we raise the puppies, please feel free to inquire.  The puppies are a part of our family and we find joy in placing them with the right family where they will continue to be loved and trained after they leave our home.

We have a few questions we like to go over with those interested in a puppy to make sure families have considered the realities of owning a puppy, for the life of the dog, and to help place the right puppy with the right family.

  1. Have you had a golden before?
  2. What do you know about the breed?
  3. What do you plan to do with your golden retriever-companion, show, breeding, field, hunt, service/therapy work?
  4. What are your plans for training your puppy?
  5. Is there adequate space where you live for exercise and being outdoors with the puppy? Goldens are an active breed and need quality interactions with people.
  6. Have you considered veterinarian bills and costs for food and care long term?
  7. Have you read our puppy contract (please ask for this to be sent to you to read)?

The puppies will be given some transition food to aid in switching to their new food along with their AKC paperwork, vet record, something that smells like the litter (cloth or rope, etc) and a new puppy folder.  We currently use Bil Jac Large Breed Puppy Food.  We give our dogs Nuvet supplements and at times fish oil for good coat health and strong bones and joints.

Our sales policy is as follows.  Our puppies will be examined by our veterinarian and will have received their first round of shots.  We worm the puppies at 4, 6 and 8 weeks old or when appropriate according to each litter, but not less than 2 times before going to their new homes.  We guarantee the health of our puppies at the time they are given to their new families.  New owners must have their puppy checked by their vet within 4 business days of taking the puppy home.  If any problems should arise, new owners must have an official document from their veterinarian stating what the problem is.  If there is a problem that can not be remedied, we will provide another puppy as soon as possible (possibly from another litter) or we will refund the money.  Once the puppies leave our home we no longer have control of their daily care and cannot guarantee their health beyond the initial new owner’s vet check, though we do everything we can to ensure healthy happy puppies that will provide many years of companionship.

We provide a puppy contract with each new owner in the unlikely case that dysplasia or PRA is discovered.  Please ask to see the contract for details.  Though we do not anticipate genetic defects (we have done everything in our control to improve the breed and have obtained health clearances for all of our dogs prior to breeding), in the event that a pup were to have any issue, we ask that their families let us know as soon as it was discovered and before any procedures were performed so that we could work with them to find a remedy.  This has never happened and we take great care to ensure that families are receiving top of the line goldens!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: angoras(at)