Honey and Lapino’s litter!


Honey’s litter of 8 healthy babies was born January 24, 2015. There are some beautiful fawn colored bunnies like Honey, who is from champion show lines.  Also looks like 3 lilac torts, a pearl, a black tort and possibly a chocolate tort.  I will be able to tell their color for sure once they’ve grown a bit. They’re already nibbling on hay and just last night they jumped out of the nest box to explore!  Contact me if you would like to be put on the list for one of these sweet bunnies!

Fall Color 2014

It seems like fall went too quickly, the color came and went with the wind.  I captured the bright patchwork of colors of one of my favorite blooming shrubs right before the cold snap came and melted away the last of our autumn.




Oakleaf Hydrangea Hydrangea quercifolia

Ginger’s litter-6 weeks old

Ginger’s bunnies are fluffy fur balls now.  We are having unusually cold weather for November and they are doing just fine.  They are plump and happy.  Next week we will start weaning them.  Whenever we go out to give them fresh alfalfa hay and water, they all pile up at the hutch door to be pet.  They are so sweet!  It’s been very fun figuring out their phenotype or how their coloring/appearance is classified.


bunnies 6 weeks


bunnies 6 weeks-2


bunnies 6 weeks-4



bunnies 6 weeks-5


bunnies 6 weeks-6


bunnies 6 weeks-7